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Most places on the Internet I am Alexis H. Masters. In gaming, my tag is TheShadowKnives. My real life name is much less exciting but I have been known to use it on occasion. This is me. 




Fire in the Blood

Kallizar the Sorcerer wants revenge on the man who once stole everything from her - including her life. Back from the After and on the hunt, she's prepared to sacrifice everything to stop the Necromancer from killing again.

Shadow of Life

Even as a vampire, Jonathan Harper craves more than just blood. He's a successful artist and has finally managed to find some friends... but when an old tragedy and a new threat arise, Jon finds out just how far he has to go to protect both his friends and his secrets.

The shadowknives

Akitis, the Shadowknives, is an expert assassin and bounty hunter, and the nightmare of a world filled with vicious monsters. Her favorite prey? Demons. And with an evil secret running through her veins, Akitis is the last person you want to meet in a dark alley.


Kirix is one of the last surviving Blood: those who are mage-born. The Red King and his Sentinels, along with the saracen (those with no magic), are hunting for the Blood, intent on destroying any remnant of magic left in the world.

Kirix, along with a few unwanted allies, intend to stop the Red King - violently. But for Kirix, the clock is already ticking, and those who are his most hated enemies are the only ones who may be able to save his life...



Check out the Journal for all the book previews, reviews, etc. There's also writing sketches and sneak peeks of my own work, and other random mind babbles! 



I'm a 20-something gamer girl with a long history of playing games with middling degrees of competency. I also play tons of games no one has ever heard of, or in bizarre ways that avoid any aspect of multiplayer. Just give me a good story or a good character and I'm happy.