Worth Less Than Horses

(Guest writer today is Cade. He is the oldest of Kallizar's three servants, somewhere around twenty-five.) Fyan is an old country. So it makes sense that there are a lot of old things in it: historical buildings, ancient bloodlines, and old laws. Unfortunately, some of these laws, like the law setting up the class system, suck. They date back to a time when the country needed a class order in order to survive - but now they're more tradition than necessity, and a lot of people are suffering for it. I'm a servant. I'm the second-lowest class you can be in Fyan. The only class below me is slave, and there's barely a difference in how the rest of the world looks at us. Technically speaking, servants get paid while slaves don't. But really we all just hope that whoever we're working for will ignore us instead of abuse us. The middle classes are the worst to us, really. They like to make sure we know they rank higher than we do. I've been compared to (and valued less than) horses. About the only thing that is lower in most people's minds is anything from Varaeti, because Fyan has a long-standing hatred with that country and anything associated with it. The higher classes (royalty, low and high nobility, Sorcerers, merchant Houses, and so on) are decent - at least in Xuun (the capital here in Fyan). We servants are non-existent until we make a mistake. Let me tell you... sometimes oblivion is bliss. Kallizar hates the classes. She's ranked among the highest nobility because of her title, and she's been trying to get the law changed since she moved to Xuun (before my time). So far the best she's gotten is a "we'll see" attitude. Still - she treats the three of us much better than custom says is proper. I know she actually cares about us, and she won't let anyone treat us like dirt. I'm not sure exactly why she's so protective and friendly, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't see the other Palace servants and thank the Gods Kallizar supports me. She treats us like family, and that's more than I'd ever get on my own. Yes, she still calls us servants - there isn't another term for someone working under someone else, unless they're an apprentice - but it's not bad, not from her. I don't wish I had been sold to someone harsh enough to kill me anymore. And maybe, if the class system gets changed or revoked, other servants will get more out of life, too. In the meantime... be nice to your servants. We work hard, and it's not our fault we got thrown into the lowest of the low. Thanks.