In the Service of the Crown

Fyan is an island nation, with the west coast touching the Fisian Sea and the rest of the country surrounded by the Enladí Ocean. Its closest neighbor is Varaeti - and although the two countries have had an uneasy peace for the past several years, the strain of a ceasefire has made tensions run ever higher. Thus, Fyan has continued to train vigilantly to guard against what some feel is an inevitable outbreak of war.
Being a member of the Fyanish military is considered a great honor for a Fyanish citizen. Both men and women are accepted, and may apply themselves to a variety of roles and efforts. For example, the most elite soldiers are known as the King's Guard, and their sole responsibility is to safeguard the royal family (in this case, King Fawlen, Queen Seriah, and Prince Hirom). Other members of the military are stationed at the garrison in Xuun and serve as keepers of the peace, while the rest are stationed at forts and cities across the nation - either to maintain civility and upkeep the law, or to serve as first defense against any invasion force that attempts to access Fyanish soil.
Another branch of the military is the naval forces. These soldiers are stationed on warships which patrol the coastal areas and defend friendly merchant ships, attack pirates and other threats, and keep watch for strange activity near Fyanish territory. Most of these ships are deployed to the Fisian Sea, since both Varaeti and the pirate isles (called the Free Ports) are located here; however, there are always some warships and scouting vessels stationed to the north, where anyone from Lubek, Patal, or their neighbors would sail from.
This strict course of active duty, tight network of patrols and defense, and core pride in service has earned the Fyanish military the reputation as the strongest and most courageous in decades. Even very large countries such as Lubek have not thought about invading Fyan simply because of the strength of the small nation's warriors.
At the top of the military stands one man: Prince Mikael, the Commander General of Fyan. He serves as advisor to the king in all matters militaristic, and has the full power and backing of the Fyanish military at his command. He has sworn to serve both his country and his king. Any who underestimate the power of Fyan's military strength will be sorry, indeed... if they survive to mourn their folly.