Not-So-Focused Introductions from the Crown Prince

(Guest writer today is Prince Hirom, son of Fawlen and Seriah. He's six.) Hi! I guess I'm supposed to talk about something specific, but there's so much to pick from that I couldn't decide! So I think I'll tell you about my family, because they're neat - and if you don't know them, how will you be able to say hi when you come to visit? My father is King Fawlen. He's really smart and a good king. Sometimes he gets upset when things don't go the way they're supposed to, but then he fixes it and it's all better. My mother helps him, too. She's Queen Seriah and she's really pretty. And smart, too. We go riding a lot and play in the gardens. I don't see Father much during the day, but he always comes to say good-night when I go to sleep. And we always go to service together, too. (Note: Hirom is referring to the worship service held in honor of the Gods: Lillith, God of Wrath, and Ri'hannon, God of Mercy.) Mikael is really neat, too. He's Father's brother and the Commander General, and sometimes he teaches me about fighting with swords instead of letting my regular teacher teach me. His sword is amazing - it's made of green steel from Patal and it has a special message engraved on it to say it's Mikael's. He let me hold it once and it was really heavy! I don't think I'll ever be able to use a sword that heavy. The one I use with my regular teacher is wooden most of the time. He says I'm doing pretty good with it, so I might be able to use the steel one more often - but it's still a lot lighter than Mikael's. Mikael's wife's name is Rosa. I don't see her much, but she's nice. I think she works with one of the big schools but I'm not sure. Her son probably knows, but I almost never see him. His name is Garth and he's older than me. His sister Mara is even older - she's training to be a member of the King's Guard, and Mikael even teaches her sometimes, which is really neat. Kallizar is family, too, even though she's not related to us. She was born a long time ago in a tiny little town in the south of Fyan. I wanted to visit it, but she said it got destroyed a long time ago by pirates. But she lives in the Palace now so that makes me happy. She even has the same birthday as me! Although when I turned five, she said she was turning ninety, so she's a lot older than me. But she'll live for a long time because of her magic, so she's not old or anything. She looks the same age as Father, and he's not that old. Mikael is the older brother and he's only in his thirties or something, so he's not even that old, either. My Kalli is just special. I get to call her Kalli, but no one else can. No one else calls her anything but Kallizar, or Honored Sorcerer. Well, Sorcerer Mahliz calls her 'young Sorcerer' which is funny, but I guess everyone is young to him because he's really old. Hundreds of years old, I think. That's a lot. But he's not really family. He lives in the Palace but he's an advisor. He was a lot closer to Grandfather Tijak. He's still pretty neat, though, and really nice to me. And he's really tall! Kalli is tall - really tall - but Mahliz is even a little taller, I think. Most people aren't very tall. Father and Mother and Mikael are the same height as everyone else (except me, but I'm only six!). But they're not little, either. Let's see... if Kalli is just over six feet tall, then most people are probably a few inches shorter than her... so maybe five and a half feet? I'm not sure - I'm not really good with height yet because I'm still short. Kalli says pretty soon I'll start growing more though! I guess that's everyone! Come visit us sometime soon!