Fun Facts: People

A gathering of random, interesting facts about some of the people in the world. Today's feature is the Fyanish royalty.   Did you know...

Mahliz is the oldest known Sorcerer at over 400 years old. He hates it when people mispronounce his name (it's Mah-LEASE, not "malice"). He is over seven feet tall and is a skilled swordsman, and had planned to join the King's Guard until being named Court Sorcerer by one of the Queens of Fyan (Fawlen's great-great-grandmother). Like Mikael, Mahliz is a fierce warrior and protector, and takes his solemn promise to serve the Crown very seriously.

Kallizar was given the title of Honored Sorcerer, a title so rare that its existence had been forgotten. Her favorite colors are red and black, with dark blue close behind. She is the daughter of a carpenter and a weaver. Kallizar considers Xuun her home, although she is often traveling to the many cities and towns scattered throughout Fyan. She enjoys drinking wine and dancing (often in the same evening) and holds the title of Master of the Ale in several taverns since magic in the blood drastically reduces the effects of alcohol. Kallizar's other side she keeps safely tucked away from the world. This is the side of quiet contemplation, mental puzzling, and bubbling curiosity that fuels her ever-growing collection of spells she has constructed.

Tijak was the king who gave Kallizar her title. Father of Mikael and Fawlen, Tijak was a kind but strict man who ensured the education of his sons and paid attention to their interests. When he was able, Tijak would join his sons in their sparring practice, or their studies of Fyanish politics and law. There he was able to both spend time with his sons and gauge their potential. It was this that led Tijak to name Fawlen the Crown Prince and let Mikael continue along the path to military greatness. His favorite food was bread dipped in honey. He died at the age of 72.

Zashai was Tijak's wife. She married into the royal family from one of the highest-ranking noble families in Fyan. Zashai was a proud woman who always had a solemn, almost cold, look about her. She was a very capable ruler - and a very loving mother. Around her children, in her private life, Zashai was much more warm and friendly. She firmly believed in keeping public and private matters separate. Her sons were very important to her and she was the one who told Tijak that it was Fawlen who would make the better king. She had wanted a daughter as well, hoping to pass the Crown to her, but was proud of Fawlen for his willingness to become the Crown Prince. Zashai was a well-loved queen who died at the age of 51.

Fawlen is the newest King of Fyan. He met his wife Seriah through Kallizar, who arranged to have Seriah visit the Palace. He named his six year old son the next Crown Prince instead of waiting to see if another child would be better suited, because he knows Hirom will be his only child - Seriah cannot bear any more children. If he had not been named heir to the Crown, Fawlen would have joined one of the merchant Houses based in Xuun.

Seriah used to be a member of the House of Ven'oth - a wealthy merchant House based in the southern Fyanish town of Rhaana. She is extremely intelligent and had been in charge of the House's main finance accounts before becoming engaged to Fawlen. As Queen, she primarily helps with domestic disputes and regulates the merchant House trading. Seriah did not think Hirom would survive birth and gives frequent thanks to Ri'hannon (the God of Mercy) for her son's health.

Hirom is rambunctious and smart. He idolizes his father and thinks of Kallizar as his best friend. He is skilled at horseback riding and will often go on afternoon trips with his mother. Hirom has a very curious mind and loves to understand the how and why of things. His favorite subject to study is House politics, and he loves to dance.

Mikael knew from an early age that he did not want to be king. He thought about joining the King's Guard, but during his training grew to like the command positions better. Due to his strength and skill, he rose in the ranks, and his mind for strategy earned him the position of Commander General - with the King's approval, of course. Mikael prefers to fight with the sword, but he is more than capable with a variety of weaponry, including the crossbow, longbow, pike, and axe. He loves his family and misses them whenever he is away. Secretly, he has always wanted a bit of magic, just to understand Kallizar when she talks of it.

Rosa and Mikael have been married for fifteen years. She used to be the Lady of a mid-sized estate in the mid-eastern part of Fyan and originally came to the Palace for a party, at the invitation of Kallizar. She now tutors young nobles in the finer arts - especially Fyanish linguistics and historical documentation. Rosa is charming and kind. However, she harbors an inward dislike for Kallizar, feeling as though she owes the Sorcerer a debt for the invitation that led to her courtship and marriage to Mikael. Rosa's pastime of choice is baking.

Mara is the oldest of Mikael and Rosa's two children. She is twelve years old and is quickly advancing through her swordfighting training, apparently having inherited the skills of her father. Her goal is to join the King's Guard and be assigned to one of the royal family (which would mark her as one of the most experienced swordsmen in all of Fyan). When she's not practicing, Mara enjoys going to the Xuun markets with friends (children of some of the nobles in Xuun).

Garth is ten years old and wants nothing more than to be a scholar. His mother is teaching him some of the finer points to being a recordkeeper. Garth has an excellent memory and is able to remember entire conversations word for word. He will enroll in the School of Records next winter, provided he passes the entrance exam (to which end he has been studying for relentlessly for the past two years). Garth possesses a quiet attitude towards life which both amuses and confounds his father. He was already buried happily in his studies when Hirom grew old enough to want to play, so the two of them have never been close. Garth's favorite book is one written for him by Mahliz in which the broad history of Fyan during the course of Mahliz' lifetime is laid out. Mahliz is Garth's idol.