Fact or Myth?

Below are five statements about the world of Immortal Flames. Guess whether they are facts or myths! The answers and some brief tidbits are below each statement in white. Highlight the text to read! 1. The Vaerish crown always passes to the oldest son of the current king.

Myth. It passes to the oldest child, regardless of gender.

2. The average citizen can speak two languages: his native language and a common tongue.

Myth. There is no common tongue. Each of the four major languages - Vaerish, Fyanish, Lubeki and Patalian - are distinct. Also, only those who have regular contact with foreigners - merchants, royalty, emissaries, travelers - are fluent in more than their native languages.

3. Anyone can train to become a Sorcerer.

Myth. Magic lives in a Sorcerer's blood and is present at birth. It does not follow any known genetic traits.

4. Some merchant Houses are allies with the Free Ports.

Fact. Since pirates do not grow their own food, they rely on scavenges from raided ships or (more often) friendly Houses to get fresh food and water. Some Houses even pay pirates to attack rival Houses.

5. There are Sorcerers in all four of the major countries (Varaeti, Fyan, Lubek, and Patal).

Myth. While a Sorcerer may be born regardless of genetic heritage, no one from either Lubek or Patal has been born with magic for hundreds of years. If the High Counts ( the Lubeki and Patalian rulers) know the reason for this mystery, they aren't telling...