Q&A With Mikael, Commander General

Commander General of the Fyanish military, Mikael, was kind enough to sit down for an interview. Realmwalker: Hello, Mikael! Thanks for agreeing to talk with me today.

Mikael: No problem - I'm happy to help. So, what did you want to know?

R: I've heard a lot of things about your sword. Is it really the symbol of the Commander General?

M: Not only that. This sword was commissioned for my by my father when I first became the Commander General, so it means a great deal to me. The green steel was imported from Patal, and here near the hilt you can see the engraving: "Mikael, Prince of Fyan - Commander General". The hilt has emeralds, which are the official gemstone of Fyan.

R: Amazing! Do any other ranked military members have specially-crafted swords?

M: A few of my Majors have weapons that are special-ordered. Major Brann has an axe made by one of the southern merchant Houses, and Major Nina has a sword she ordered from a Sorcerer she knows back in her hometown. Mostly, all the soldiers keep the standard-issue weapons, though.

R: How many people currently serve in the Fyanish military?

M: The captains - the leaders of individual squads - would know exact numbers better than I, but overall about 1/10 of Fyan's population is involved in the military at any given time.

R: Do you have many Sorcerers in active duty?

M: Oh yes. Lots of people assume that because Sorcerers use magic, they're useless with a weapon. Take Kallizar for example. (laughs) She's good with her staff, or a knife, but give her a sword... no threat there. But other Sorcerers have other skills - exactly like you'd expect from a large group of people. Mahliz is a good example of a Sorcerer with excellent skills in weaponry. He has swordsmanship skills that I would love to have in the military - but, he's the Court Sorcerer and is advisor to my brother, so I'm not about to steal him away. Most of the Sorcerers in the military are either stationed at one of our coastal forts to provide magic support to the other troops, or else a member of the naval forces where they can help give our ships an edge against the enemy's. Every Sorcerer in the military has gone through exactly the same training as everyone else to build up physical strength and weapon skills, and then they also have to pass a test to demonstrate their magical strength. That's tested by a group of at least five captain-level or higher soldiers who are also Sorcerers who can accurately assess the candidate's magical strength.

R: You don't have any influence on whether a Sorcerer joins the military, then?

M: I'm not a Sorcerer. Beyond knowing that magic is tied to blood, I don't have much knowledge of it. I'd much rather let the experts judge whether a candidate is likely to succeed in the military or bring half of the troop crashing down.

R: Now I have a few questions about the High Court...

M: Fire away.

R: Can you give me your opinion on the members of the High Court? What are they like when they aren't in the public view?

M: We're all a bunch of uptight obsessivists who work without sleep. (laughs) Well, Fawlen works a lot, but he's the King so that shouldn't be surprising. Seriah does a lot of work too, but I don't advise her very often, unless the city soldiers need to be called in to settle a House dispute. They're both pretty relaxed and fun, but I'm not sure I can be too objective when it comes to talking about my little brother and his wife. I don't see Mahliz very much, either. My guess would be he's either working some magic-study-something or else tormenting Kallizar a bit. (laughs) Kallizar is... a hard-working slacker? She definitely has her own agenda as far as magic research goes, but she's 100% committed to helping Fawlen and Seriah as much as she can. Even though she gets a bit stir-crazy when she's shut up in the Palace for more than a week or so. Well... she's always a bit crazy, but it's good. She keeps things interesting.

R: Anything else you'd like to say?

M: Come visit Xuun! Come join the world's best military! All right, really - if you get the chance, come visit. If you're interested, I'll set up a swordsmanship lesson with you. Or call in one of my captains who has a squad in for some training. Or maybe I'll send a call out to Mahliz and Kallizar and then hide in the hallway with you and watch them bicker. That never gets old.

Does anyone else have questions for Mikael? Who else would you like to see in an interview? The world's wide open, so take your pick - you might even get one of the Gods to chat for a bit.