Don't Piss Off the Gods

The main religion in the world of Kallizar is that of the Moon Gods: Lillith, God of Wrath and Ri'hannon, God of Mercy. They watch over the human realm from the After - the place where all souls come at the moment of mortal death. Basic facts about the Gods: They are not able to directly influence the human realm. They must instead act through their Prophets, giving them Godly powers and guiding them with whispers and answered prayers toward the Gods' goals. The Gods are not omniscient or omnipotent or omnipresent. However, they have full control over the After (which they created together) and consider their work in the human realm to be something like an eternal game of chess between the two of them.

Below is a sketch I did to bring some insight to how the Gods - in this case, Lillith - react to the actions of the humans.

“Lillith, what are you doing?” Ri’hannon approached her carefully. His caution was necessary; the God of Wrath was staring heatedly at a point some forty feet in front of her. Her hair was pure white, and her long, flowing dress matched perfectly. Her elegant fingers were balled into fists and her eyes were flashing so much Ri’hannon would not have been surprised if there had been actual flames. The God of Mercy had not seen her this upset in several millennia. “Tell me what it is,” he said. His voice was gentle but not condescending. He waited patiently while Lillith’s words returned to her. He could hear her teeth grinding together.

“Someone – several someones – need to die,” she fumed. “Horribly, slowly, and viciously. And they need to be greeted personally by me when they get here.”

Ri’hannon continued to wait.

“I want to rip their hearts out while they’re still beating. I want to split them open so that the dogs eat their entrails while they watch. I want to pluck out their eyes and lead them off a cliff and watch their bodies be shattered on the rocks. I want to poke holes in their lungs and listen to the burbling sounds of their pathetic attempts to breathe. I want to chop them up into little pieces and scatter them at my altars. I want to hear them beg for my forgiveness and then strike them down. I want to strangle them with their own windpipes twisted around their necks. I want to slit their children’s throats and make them drink their children’s blood. I want to remove every good thing from their lives and then smite them with all my power. I want to kill them, and then shred their souls for an eternity here in the After!”

“Tell me what has happened,” Ri’hannon said softly.

“Some people were unhappy with me,” Lillith spat. “They didn’t think I was doing a good job as the God of Wrath, so they decided to get my attention. By killing seven of my Prophets!” She was shrieking.

Holy wrath streamed off her in tangible waves. It was so potent and so full of pure, unhindered rage, that Ri’hannon had to physically brace himself against the onslaught. She could not hurt him, but when her power radiated that much, the feeling was uncomfortable even for him.

She continued. “They were faithful! They didn’t deserve that death! Well, those people certainly got my attention now. As soon as one of my remaining Prophets prays, I will destroy those subhuman scum who dared think themselves better than me!” She focused on Ri’hannon. “And if anyone prays to you to spare those lives, don’t. They murdered my Prophets. They are mine.”

Ri’hannon had only one thing to say. “I will help you. Lend me some of your wrath, my love, and let me help you.”

She held out her hand. Ri’hannon accepted. Power blazed from the God of Wrath to the God of Mercy. Ri’hannon did not flinch. His own anger at seeing Lillith this way anchored him. “Now, show me where they are. And believe me, my Lillith --- they will die.”

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