Excerpt from EUD: Medallion of Memories

Kallizar prepares for Fawlen's coronation. She puts on the final touch and remembers when she first gained her title of Honored Sorcerer.  

There was a large wooden box sitting on her desk. With careful hands, she opened it and pulled out the treasure she prized more than anything but her staff: a silver medallion, roughly the size of her palm, engraved with the symbol of Fyan and holding a ruby in the center of the disc. On the back, etched into the metal were the words Kallizar, Honored Sorcerer of Fyan. It had been a gift to her from King Tijak himself, when he had bestowed upon her the title of Honored Sorcerer. Slowly, Kallizar hung the fine silver chain around her neck, watching the ruby catch the sunlight and throw it back into the room. At the time, she had questioned the king: why a ruby? Why not an emerald, the color of Fyan? King Tijak’s answer had been simple. Fyan was the emerald, steadfast and unchanging, but she was the ruby, fiery and powerful. This was not merely the symbol of an Honored Sorcerer of Fyan, it was the symbol of Kallizar, the Honored Sorcerer.

Now, Kallizar appreciated the difference. She was not bound to Fyan in exchange for her position. She had pledged her loyalty and respect to her country and her king, and in return she had been granted a place on the High Court and the freedom to live wherever her long life would lead her.

Right now, that was at the side of the newest king of Fyan. Kallizar hastily dashed for the stairs. No more time for reminiscing; she had a coronation to attend.