Fun Facts: Trivia Style!

How well do you know the characters of Even Unto Death? See if you can figure out which statement goes with which character! Post your guesses in the comments and look for answers in an upcoming post!

Choose from the following: Fawlen, Seriah, Hirom, Mikael, Rosa, Mahliz, Kallizar, Cade, Li'ra, Jarrin

1. _____, _____, and _____ were known as the Terrible Trio in their younger days because of their constant pranks.

2. _____ thinks of _____ as a best friend, but idolizes _____.

3. _____ and _____ are excellent dancers and got most of their practice atop tavern tables.

4. _____ has taught several people swordsmanship. _____ is the best pupil, and _____ is the worst.

5. _____'s childhood dream was to become a member of the King's Guard.

6. _____'s secret wish is to visit Patal.

7. _____'s favorite pastime is gardening.

8. _____ lives in the Palace but is not a member of the High Court.

9. Only _____ is bilingual, knowing Fyanish and Vaerish.

10. _____ has never been out of Xuun.

11. _____ learned one of _____'s secrets by accident and is quite shocked by it.

12. _____ has set fire to multiple streets, fallen in love at least twice, survived a shipwreck, and has become the stuff of legend.

13. _____ has done all the same things as #12, except for the shipwreck.

14. _____ and _____ both thrive off attention - just not each other's.

15. _____'s math skills are as good as _____'s, despite not having any formal training.

16. Of the above people, only _____, _____, and _____ are the only child of their parents.

17. An injury put an end to _____'s dreams of a large family.

18. _____ and _____ both have a fierce desire to protect, especially their younger siblings.

19. _____ and _____ used to be quite close, but have drifted apart over the years.

20. _____'s two favorite places are in the deep woods and on the open sea.