The Realmwalker's Guide to Less Stress

My characters are many and varied and they each have their own ways of dealing with stress and annoyances. After much cajoling, some pleading, and more than a bit of bribery, I managed to get them to spill their stress-busting techniques. Unfortunately, not all of them are appropriate for use in this world - but if you were planning to follow a vampire's or an assassin's suggestions at face value, you might have larger issues at hand. :)

Nonetheless, I give to you, with much "ta-da" and "use at own risk"-ness, The Realmwalker's Guide to Less Stress.

1. Alcohol. Preferably a large quantity. Something like rich red wine or maybe dark ale, depending on the type of stress.  -Kallizar

2. A good workout and sparring session.  -Mikael

3. Any fight that I win (so I'm rarely stressed).  -Akitis

4. Studying something new or difficult - or just reading in general.  -Kallizar

5. A bloodbath on the new moon.  -Alec

6. Horseback riding with friends or family.  -Hirom

7. Walking in the rain.  -Kallizar  -Alec

8. Math.  -Seriah

9. Counting down the days until the young Sorcerer leaves the Palace again. In all seriousness, though, some quiet meditation and a walk in the gardens.  -Mahliz

10. Anything quiet and constructive. Hand crafts are my favorite.  -Vulcarus

11. Hugging someone you love.  -Kallizar  -Mikael  -Hirom  -Fawlen  -Seriah  -Brian


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Does anyone have any anti-stress suggestions to share? I'm sure my characters and I could learn a thing or two... or several. Akitis, Alec... I'm looking at you.