Words from the Wise

Quotes from important people from Fyan's history. As a date reference, Tijak was king when Kallizar first joined the Fyanish High Court, and not long after that the prince Mikael became Commander General. High Prophet Zahn was the Prophet living in Xuun during Tijak's, and then Fawlen's, reign. All the rest of the people lived in a time before Kallizar. Lillith and Ri'hannon, of course, live throughout history as gods watching over the mortal realm.  


"The power of magic and even the might of the gods pales beside the strength of love we hold for one another.” -Sorcerer Jarrod,  Prophet of Lillith


“Do not try to live up to my name. Instead, make yours one for all generations to remember. You are strong and your heart is great – protect and love your people and they will sing of you until the stars go out.”  -Tijak, late king of Fyan, spoken to his son and heir, Fawlen


"An icy thrill rippled through me, and a chilling shudder passed through my body. My heart quaked within me and I clapped my hands to my pounding head. I cried for mercy; I called out for Ri’hannon’s gentle hand.

But the voice that answered me was not Ri’hannon. ‘Guess again, mortal.' The sound of her words thundered in my ears, rattling my bones. ‘You shall have your mercy, for I will stay my wrath. And you shall be my Prophet.’”  -Sorcerer Jarrod


“Know your objective. Watch for your enemy. Do not let anything stop you from moving forward to the very end. We are soldiers of Fyan – we will not fail; we will not fall!” -Mikael, Commander General


“And so men discovered the pain that came with the fires of magic. Their healing nature kept the Sorcerer from sickness and healed even his most grievous of wounds. They protected his body. But those flames weighed heavily on the Sorcerer’s soul, forcing him to say good-bye to everyone he had once loved as they aged and fell around him.” -Wrade the Historian


"Some say we fear what we cannot see. I think, rather, that we fear what we can see and yet cannot change, what we cannot stop, what we cannot control. Helplessness ignites the worst fears in us all.”  -Izmund, Prophet of Ri’hannon


"Close your eyes and look at what you see, and your sight will be made clear.”  -excerpt from the Book of the Gods


"All that you were is a part of who you are, even if who you are is not who you once were. And at the end, you will have been all that you were meant to be, for only you can choose which path in life you walk and where your steps may fall.”  -Prophet Izmund


"You say you do not believe, but it is your faith that will be your undoing.”  -Sorcerer Jarrod, Prophet of Lillith


“Regard this day with honor and glory, and celebrate the birth of our country, our Fyan! Let there be no quarrel between noble and common, between House or trader or Sorcerer or Prophet or farmer. Let every citizen gather together in celebration of our heritage and our future. And every year shall the High Court hold such a celebration that only the gods be spoken of more highly.”  -Ny’mara, High Queen of Fyan


"By the gods do I so live. In the gods do I so die. My faith makes me fearless.”  -part of the oath sworn by the Fyanish military


“If I could, I would wrench my soul from my body, so that I would not have to bear the sorrows of these long years. But the tears I shed must suffice.”  -Sorcerer Zeke


"'Have faith,’ he cried, ‘I cannot fail! My magic is the highest power!’

But magic cannot make you immortal, Sorcerer. That crackling you hear is not your flames– it is the sound of your soul breaking.”  -High Prophet Zahn


“We are not in your world, but we can see your suffering. We are not all-knowing, but we can feel your pain. We do not hold ultimate power, and we marvel at your strength. Mortals, your gods do watch over you.”  -Lillith and Ri’hannon


"People born with magic become Sorcerers. People born with power become legends.”  -Shaana the Wise