Read It! Eve by Iris Johansen

Quick review for the latest book I've read: Eve by Iris Johansen, originally posted on Goodreads. Holy. Whoa. I had only read one other Iris Johansen novel prior to picking up Eve, and I have never wanted to brave a blizzard so much to go get the next book in this trilogy (hello, storm Draco). Luckily for my health, the library was closed today, but I will be there tomorrow! The writing was excellent - Johansen does an excellent job of throwing you headlong into the main plot and then letting her main character reveal parts of her past as they become more important. All the characters were very well-fleshed-out and believable. There were even a few I was angry with for the way they reacted to something Eve said - but that made them good characters. If they had just accepted her story blindly, I probably would have put the book down for good. Good characters are never perfect, because real people have flaws and readers must believe that characters are real people. It was great to see that in this story! The tone of the book is fairly dark, but Johansen keeps it from falling into general horror by focusing on the hunt for hope, rather than the details of the twisted mind of the villain. I will warn you: make sure you have the second book, Quinn, (and probably the third, Bonnie, too) before you finish Eve, because the ending is one of the most intense cliffhangers I have read in a while.


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