Feast to Follow Famine

Help yourself to whatever you want: I've prepared a smorgasbord of tasty tidbits from my reading and writing efforts this past month. Heck, have some of everything! Writing:

- I got my first official rejection letter. Considering I didn't think I would get any notification at all unless I was accepted, it was a nice surprise. I've put that submission away and am working on my synopsis before I submit to my next candidate. Onwards!

- Synopsis work is tedious, scary, and absolutely necessary. It's been eating a lot of my time, and, like most writing projects, never seems to have much to show for the amount of work until very late in the game. But at least I know where the ending is, and that makes it easier.

- In the wake of finishing FITB, I've been dabbling with quite a few other stories. Consequently, I don't have another big work in progress yet, but I am enjoying working on the handful of smaller things. They all have outlines (some very sparse still) and plans for being their own novels... but I forgot how much fun it is at the beginning of a story to just go into "random creative mode" and let the story do whatever it wants, and screw the outline. Characters tell you a lot more about themselves when you don't keep them tethered all the time.

- I am trying to incorporate more writing into my day job (I'm a software Quality Assurance tester) - primarily this means writing more wikis and the like for my team. Nothing at all like fiction storytelling. But who knew? I really like writing wikis. :)


- I'm only slightly behind schedule to meet my 2013 goal of reading 365 books. I tried to add the tracker widget to this site, but I can't because apparently WordPress doesn't play well with java. Ah well. If you're interested, it's on my GoodReads profile.

- Want to see my reviews for the books I've been devouring lately? I post them all on GoodReads. (Yes, I am addicted to that site. Yes, you should be also.) I review every book I read, although with some of them (like the graphic novels) are more of a spoiler-free summary of that installment. I hate it when things get spoiled for me, so I do my very best to write spoiler-free reviews for everything. GoodReads also has this handy little html tag for hiding spoiler comments in a review, so if I do decide there's something spoilery worth calling out, it will be hidden until you click the "show spoiler" link. (Edit: There's been a few problems with the above link, so here's the steps to get there yourself. Go to my profile. Click on my Read shelf. Sort by Date Read so the most recent date is at the top. Any book with a Date Read in 2013 will have a review. I make no guarantees for dates prior to that.)

- Libraries are one of the greatest things in the world. I get all of my "impulse-shopping" out whenever I go to the library, because I don't actually have to spend money. The last time I went, I needed to pick up two books that were on hold for me. I walked out with a stack of books so tall I could barely see over it. I even had to put one book back because I just couldn't hold any more. My friend told me it looked like I'd robbed the place.

- A random sampling of some of the books I've been reading lately: Animorphs (my first time ever), The Walking Dead, The Devil in Silver, The Light... you know what? They're all on GoodReads too. Suffice to say that I've picked up and read some books I never would have thought about reading (like The Secret Keeper, a historical fiction novel) because of my library wanderings, and others (like Down the Rabbit Hole) at the recommendation of my friends. Genre-wise, I've been picking up a fair bit of YA- found a few really good ones (All These Things I've Done, City of Bones) and a few annoying-beyond-belief ones (Confessions of a Murder Suspect, Masquerade). I also raided the mystery section and now have some of the alphabet mysteries by Sue Grafton, as well as The Dead Zone by Stephen King (how embarrassing, I nearly spelled his name wrong!). Continuing of course to read some of my favorite authors, like Garth Nix (Confusion of Princes) and Jim Butcher (Cold Days from The Dresden Files), but I also think I have found one or two more authors to make it to the level of "favorite" - Jasper Fforde, Iris Johansen. And lastly, I even picked up some audio books, both narrated by Jim Dale. As one of my friends mentioned in her review, I would listen to Jim Dale read anything, even the phone book.

In Short:

- Writing is hard work, and still amazing.

- Reading is good for the soul.

- Libraries are the best things ever. Go there now.

- I should be paid to advertise GoodReads. (Kidding. But seriously, if you like reading at all, check them out. Send me a message!)