I'm A+, BTW (And Armed)

For one of my senior capstone projects in college, I did a presentation on the link between somnambulism (sleep-walking) and vampirism in English literature. And it was awesome.Surprisingly, there were still some of my friends who were surprised to discover my love of vampires. Ok, granted, I don't wander around all day with a cape and specially-molded fangs, but a cursory glance at my bookshelves and DVD racks should have made this apparent anyway. (Although I do own a cape, and have worn it before. But that was for Ren Fest and Halloween parties... and, come to think of it, I've never actually dressed as a vampire.)

The reason this all came up is because of a book sale I went to on Wednesday. There were two books that I used during that presentation as research sitting on the genre fiction table: Dracula (this one was even the annotated version) and The Vampires by Montague Summers. I grabbed them so fast I might have broken the speed barrier. (Just like a vampire! Ok, enough of that.)

The real point of all this is that I have a lot of vampire-centric books and movies and love many different kinds of vampires. I'm all for creative license and new variations on old classics. Yes, I have my favorites as well as the ones I really would like to let burn in the sunlight (or decapitate, or stake, or in some other way destroy them).

I'm also a fan of werewolves and other weres, shifters, zombies, demons, angels, ghosts, and basically anything that lives in the supernatural/paranormal realms.

Check out my posts of Alec and Akitis for some of my vampire stories, and keep watch for a post about a new vampire friend, Jonathan Harper.

If you have any suggestions of vampire stories, movies, whatever, please leave me a comment!

Here's my off-the-top-of-my-head  list of vampire-related books and movies I have read/seen, in the hopes that they will gain more fans:


Dracula (book and movie)

The Vampires

The Vampire Files

Twilight (books and movies) (I am not a fan)

Dead Witch Walking

Wicked Game

Blue Bloods (vampire concept was interesting, but I wasn't a fan of the story)

A Whisper of Blood (anthology)

Blood+ (books and anime) (although not technically called vampires, the concept is the same)

The Vampire Chronicles

The Dresden Files (books and TV)

The Mortal Instruments

Soulless - Parasol Protectorate

Carpe Jugulum - Discworld

Nathaniel Cade

Mercy Thompson

You Suck



Blade trilogy


Underworld series

Van Helsing

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV)

Angel (TV)

Moonlight (TV)

Bleach (the anime-only arc about the Bounts)