I can't believe half of July is gone already! I have been continuing reading towards my goal of 365 books this year, as well as working on some writing projects, but Real Life has been amazingly hectic for the past few weeks. - I went to my first-ever convention: RTX, hosted by RoosterTeeth in Austin, TX. It was amazing and you should check out for more news about that. :)

- My sister is moving to town - more specifically, she is moving into my husband and my spare room. So we've been working out the logistics of that and I am so excited to see her!

- June and July hold a host of birthdays and anniversaries (and weddings) for my family and friends

- Work. Yep, I still have a day job. And there's a big deadline coming up in a few days that's got us all scrambling to make sure things are good to go.


I will have my June review up soon. In the meantime, enjoy this intermission filled with some of the things on the internet I find particularly interesting/funny/etc.

Order of the Stick

Looking For Group




Rooster Teeth



Obligatory funny cat video, this one by Tastefully Offensive

Other awesome video, this one by Bad Lip-Reading

If you play Xbox games, consider adding me as a friend! My gamertag is TheShadowKnives (shout-out to Akitis, still possibly my most favorite character) Just leave a message that says you saw this post. :)


Incidentally, I often find myself with random quotes stuck in my head, and I wonder if anyone else would get the reference if I were able to somehow work them into conversation. Since the answer has pretty much always been no, I thought the next most fun thing would be to start a little trivia at the end of every post. I'll put down a quote, and if you think you know the book it's from, post a comment with your answer. Could also be a fun way to get interested in new-to-you books! I'll post the answer in the following post, along with a new quote. Some will be commonly known, some may be obscure; I promise only that they will be accurate quotes from books I have read. :)

This first one is a childhood favorite of mine: "Home, James!"