Moving House

Some of you know that I have a secondary blog to this one for things that aren't writing-related, It's become difficult and rather silly to maintain two separate blogs, so I am merging and moving over to my own site, hosted by SquareSpace. The url will still be and I will be able to migrate most of my information... but I can't migrate my subscribers (that's you!). You can go over to the new site and subscribe to the Journal. You'll have to log in to SquareSpace, but you can do so via Twitter, Facebook, or Google, or you can create a SquareSpace account of your own for free. Besides combining my two blogs, my new site will make it easier for me to grow in the future (so I won't have to do this transition thing again), along with a host of other things that I can do to personalize the site, have guest writers more easily, and even sell my books if I decide to publish them myself.

I hope to see all of you there! :)