Kallizar the Sorcerer wants revenge on the man who once stole everything from her- including her life.

Fire in the Blood, the character-driven novel, is a story about Kallizar’s literal life after death. The book follows Kallizar as she deals with nightmares old and new, makes friends and allies in unexpected places, and discovers the price of revenge as she battles the powerful Necromancer who murdered her.

Magic cast at the exact wrong time kept Kallizar from the peace of the After, and every day since she has had to live with her mistake and the deathly power crawling through her blood. At first she had tried to isolate herself from the world out of fear, but slowly learned that without another human around, the After’s power would drag her down into madness.

Enter Aeva and Riat: two young people who take their own painful pasts and use them to forge an iron bond. When they realize that Kallizar, too, has lived through the terrors of slavery, they pledge to protect her from the dark power that plagues her… but even they cannot guard Kallizar against her nightmares.

Even so, Aeva and Riat refuse to leave her side when Kallizar returns to the homeland that banished her nearly one century ago. Kallizar did not commit the crimes that triggered her banishment, but that doesn’t stop the king from handing her over to his right-hand man: Necromancer Tavius. Realizing there is more than just an old grudge at work, Kallizar must reach out to allies made along the journey to help finish this fight- and the first person she thinks of is the pirate captain James who offered her a chance at a truly free life aboard his ship.

As tensions rise and sides clash, Kallizar is shocked to realize that she has let down her guard for this man- and may even have grown to love him. The choices become more difficult as Tavius’ relentless attacks continue, and Kallizar must decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice to get the revenge she craves. Some things may be even more important than peace.