Meet Kirix

Hello friends! It's been a while. Like most recoveries, this one has been hard to pin an end-date to, but I am happy to report that things are getting better and I have even had time to dig up some of my writing that has been gathering dust in the meantime.

And I discovered something funny.

One of the stories I have been wanting to work on had its beginnings way back in my high school years. Pretty much the only thing I'm saving from the original is the characters. But as I was reading through it to see what all I had done, I realized I had used the same term for the mage-born in my world as Anne Bishop used in her books: the Blood.

I still really like the term for my story, but I'm debating changing it just because I recently read all of Bishop's books that use the same term for the same kind of concept. On the other hand, maybe that's a sign that I should leave it be - if two people independently come up with an idea they really like and that makes a lot of sense, it's more likely to be a good idea. The terms we used for non-mage-born were similar, too, but that is more just lucky coincidence; Bishop uses "landen", and I had used "linden" for no reason that I could see other than I thought it was cool to use part of my last name. I have changed that now and have an actual reason for it, which I think makes a lot more sense. :)

We'll see.

Anyway, I have a skeleton plot now for these characters, and I've started doing sketches for them to get a good grasp on what they want. Like all my character sketches, they're rough and won't be in the actual book (unless I decide to have someone keep a journal or something, which is unlikely), but they provide some cool insights into what motivates my characters and how I start really getting into their heads. These sketches are things I will go back to throughout the course of writing the book, adding and changing things as I learn more about the character and how they view their world.

Some people have asked for more info on my characters, and how they're "born", so I'll be posting at least parts of these sketches here. This book does not even have a working title, so I'm using my default "Name it after the main character until I figure out something better", which in this case is Kirix.

Look for part one of Kirix' sketch soon (and I mean soon - sometime this week), as well as some very delayed book reviews.


- Alexis

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