Prepare for Awesome

Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson books are one of my favorite series. I was trying to get my sister to read them and ended up having to read them all again myself because I got all excited about them again. I've actually requested hardcover copies for Christmas when people have asked, because I've read my paperback versions to book-death.

They're fantasy-fiction (or urban fantasy more specifically) and follow the life and complications of Mercy Thompson, VW mechanic and walker, friend of a vampire, former student of a fey, and love interest of the Alpha of the local werewolf pack. 

The characters are what make this series so great. Every one of them is rich and complicated. Some of them I liked right away. Some, I think I'm supposed to like, but haven't managed to quite get there yet because their personalities just don't mesh well with mine. A few of them, like Stephan the vampire, confuse me- I'm not sure if he's a good guy or not, but I'm always cheering for him. 

I don't want to post just another review of Briggs' books; there are plenty out there that can give you an outline of the story. I just want to encourage you to read these. You're going to meet a lot of people (and werewolves, vampires, fey, and a host of other supernaturals), and their stories will keep you coming back for more much better than I could. 

So go meet the gang. And tell me what you think! You've got a lot to choose from, so who's your favorite character? And what did they do to win such high honors? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. :)


- Alexis

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