A Book on the Blog and More in the Vault

It's been a crazy year for me, which means I've invested in a lot of different characters' stories across multiple planned books in various stages. One of the things I've determined is that, for now, I am going to re-focus what story stuff I post here versus what I work on to send for publishing. 

Translated to English, that means I will have one book that I work on and post pieces to on here, and the others I will keep off the site for the most part so that when they do get published, I haven't already given away all the good stuff. 

The story I really want to share is Akitis', and I think it lends itself fairly well to being broken out into posts without losing too much. I'll be able to post bits out-of-order if I want to (which will probably happen since I don't always write chronologically). Akitis is my favorite character, and I'm really excited to work on her story.

The flip side to posting most of Akitis here is that it may be harder to publish her story if I want to later on... and, since she's my favorite, that's a definite probability. But sharing the story and the excitement might just take priority. Unless there's someone I've posted about you really want to see more? 

The current main characters/stories: Akitis Shadowknives, Kallizar the Sorcerer, Jonathan Harper, Kirix & co., Alec Vampyra.

Let me know what you think! Whichever one I end up picking for the site will get a lot of screen time. I plan to share not just my actual story-pieces (and some of them will be in rough draft format, because that's how writing is), but also random tidbits of world lore, side character sketches, "journal" entries, and behind-the-scenes on how I went about crafting certain scenes or how I figured out the way certain pieces of plot needed to go together. Plus whatever else I can think of that might be interesting/useful/cool. 

This doesn't mean you'll never hear from the other characters again, but it does mean they'll be living out of the spotlight, so you may only get the occasional glimpse. 

Now's your chance to tell me who it is you're dying to see. My vote is for Akitis - what about yours?


- Alexis

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