A Different Kind of World-Building

I am addicted to video games. This has been true for a long, long time - in fact, when my sister and I were little, we would set alarms on Saturday not to see all the Saturday morning cartoons, but to try to beat each other to the computer so we could play before our parents got up and made us do our chores for the day. I don't think there's a game type in the world that I haven't tried. (There are several that I don't like, but at least I've given them a shot.)

Lately, I've been very focused on my Xbox. I love getting achievements, so finally becoming a part of the console gaming community was probably not the best idea for someone who already has too much to fit into her day without forgoing sleep, but oh well. :) And in the evenings when I am tired from work and too brain-dead to play something challenging, I default to what is one of my all-time favorite games: Minecraft.

Since I only started playing Minecraft after I bought an Xbox (about five years ago or so), I know I'm late to the game, but I don't care. It's one of those open-world games that offers so much to do I never get tired of playing. If I want to build a giant fortress in the sky, I can! Or maybe I want to create a massive cave system with beautiful crystals, and a walkway safe for visitors. Or could be that I just want to live in a little hut on a giant farm.

I was introduced to Minecraft through my favorite company ever, of all time: RoosterTeeth - or, more specifically, their gaming branch, Achievement Hunter. Their Minecraft Let's Play videos are hilarious and I recommend watching every single one. You can thank me later (much, much later since you'll be playing those videos for a while...).

So on the days when there's no update here from me, just know that I'm off world-building in the land of cubes. Who knows? Maybe I'll create something that will be perfect to pull in as a setting to a story I'm working on. Or maybe I'll take a setting I already have and try to re-create it in Minecraft.

Hmm... :)



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