The Art of the Story

It's not always about what stories we consume. Just as important is how we consume them. We have so many choices: read a printed book, read an ebook, listen to an audiobook, listen to someone in person as they tell a story on the fly, watch a movie, watch a TV show... 

There are some books I read where I find myself wishing that there were a movie to tell the story as well. Not all books do that; there are plenty that I love reading that I think would make terrible movies, because you can convey different things through the printed word than you can through film. This weekend I listened to an audiobook and I really enjoyed it. I don't think I would like reading it though. The book was set in Scotland and the narrator did a good job with the Scottish accent and pronunciation of the Gaelic words. I don't "hear" things like accents when I read, so it was much more immersive to listen to the book. There have also been a few movies I've watched recently that I wish had books to go along with them so I could learn more about what made a particular character tick. 

If you're inclined to pick one way to take in stories and stay there, here's a nudge to try something new. Never listened to an audiobook before? Try it out. Most have samples you can listen to before you purchase so you can get a feel for the narrator; a bad narrator can really wreck a great story, but a good narrator can make an ok story good or a good story great!

How do you like your stories? Do you have any recommendations for good narrators or authors? 



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