I wrote a rough sketch for a creation story for The Shadowknives while I was travelling this past weekend and forgot to post it because I was staying with family and they have no internet. 

I hope you enjoy!


Once, in a time before, we created the earth, man, and the Dark. And we slept beyond the earth which we had made.

In the beginning, man feared much and lived little. Over time, man began to grow and prosper, using the earth and all it offered for food and shelter,  until they overcame their fears. Where they once feared wild beasts, they now had knowledge of how to tame or kill. Where they once feared disease, they learned medicine. Where they once feared death, they developed religion. But they continued to fear night, for they knew of the Dark.

The Dark feared nothing and desired much. It desired power, so it frightened man and gained control over man’s emotion. It desired form, and fused with man’s souls to create new life - the life of our children, the children of the Dark. These children were powerful, and the Dark learned that it had no control over them. Still, the Dark was willing to let a small spark die in order to turn a man into a child of the Dark - for a man’s soul would not accept the Dark willingly, and required a sacrifice from the Dark in order to turn the man into a child of the Dark.

The cost of turning a man to the Dark made the Dark lose all grip on the man - or, more rightly, the child, for as soon as the Dark fused with a man’s soul, the two were caught up together and sealed away as the new soul of the new child of the Dark was born. This new soul could not be controlled by the Dark, but it remembered and retained some of the power of the Dark, just as it remembered and retained some of the power of man. For some, this meant they could change shape between the man they had once been and a beast of which the Dark found favorable; for others, it latched on to the powerful thirst for life man harbored in his soul. Just as a child of man inherited traits from both father and mother, so did the child of the Dark inherit and become a mix of man and Dark. And their kinds were as numerous as the stars.

Man’s numbers began to fall, and he began to fear death once more. The children of the Dark were strong, powerful - more so than man - and many could pass as man and hide amongst them with ease. Only the things which hurt the Dark could truly hurt the children of the Dark: the white blaze of silver, the scorching ray of the sun’s light… Man learned of these things and fought, but the children of the Dark resisted, for they now shared the earth with man and the Dark. And the children of the Dark overpowered both man and the Dark.

The Dark saw that it could not sustain itself through man or the children of the Dark. It tried many times to create something of a form for itself without the aid of either man or creature, but each attempt was met with failure. And for the first time, the Dark began to fear.

And from deep within the earth, we felt the fear of the Dark. We looked over the earth and saw all that the Dark had done for the children of the Dark. We saw the sparks of the Dark fade away as more children of the Dark were born, turned by the children of the Dark as they desired to increase their numbers. We felt the need of the Dark to survive even through its fear. And we reached out from our resting place, from the blackest void across time, and soothed the Dark.

And we awoke.


- Alexis

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