Beware the Techno-Cats

The Husband and I have five cats. We love them dearly. But sometimes, mostly when they try to learn technology, they really annoy me. 

Our youngest, a 6-month-old black fuzzball named Hades, hasn't grasped the concept that laptops don't leave room on my lap. He just pushes at it with his nose, and when that doesn't move it, he starts stepping on all the keys and meowing piteously. I've sent a few garbly emails that way.

More obnoxious, though, is Ducky. Somehow she managed to live almost two years without learning it's bad to chew on cords (all our other cats leave them well alone). She's gone through so many phone chargers I've lost track, my laptop power cord, the power cord for my external hard drive, the cord for the modem, and just a few days ago, the cord on my gaming headset. I put it down so I could put on slippers (which took maybe one minute) and when I got back she still had it in her mouth. At least this time I caught her so maybe the lesson will stick...

R.I.P. headphones. You served me well. 

On the upside, I now know a lot about the current gaming headsets available, and have a new one on its way to our house. In case you're curious, I went with the Razer Kraken Chroma headset. My previous pair was also Razer and they're wicked comfy. 



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