The Taxidermist's Daughter by Kate Mosse

4.5 stars - slow to start but the last half - especially the last quarter - make it all worth it. 

The Taxidermist's Daughter was publicized as being in the vein of Edgar Allen Poe, which is what grabbed me. Finally, a good dark twisty novel! And it's a good thing they advertised that, or I would never have made it past chapter one. The prologue felt fake and choppy (and really can be skipped without any impact to the plot, so I recommend that). Chapter One wasn't much better, but at least the character reference improved. Once things started gathering steam, it was much more enjoyable; it took a few days for me to get past the first few chapters, but I finished the second half of the book in one sitting. 

I was also pleased that my pre-read guess at the plot was wrong. With a title like "Taxidermist's Daughter" and description of "Poe-like" I immediately went with a re-write of Cask of Amontillado and assumed we would find the Deep Dark Secret was that someone had been taxidermied and hidden away in the house, and that was the memory Connie had suppressed. 

Knowing that the ending is worth it, I encourage you to push through the lackluster beginning. I may even check out another of Mosse's books. If anyone has read them and can recommend a good one, let me know! 

- Alexis

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