Magical Adventure Time

In one week, The Husband and I will be off on the biggest vacation I've ever imagined: two weeks in Japan and two in New Zealand. We've been planning it for a little over a year and I've known it was coming since I took my job five years ago today. Now that my countdown has hit the final week, I'm getting a little nervous that I will forget to do something important before we leave... but mostly I'm so excited to visit new places! 

Several of you have asked about picture potential so I am planning to post pictures in my photo gallery here for your perusal. And also as a backup for me. :) 

Other small news - I have a new Twitter handle now. Long story short, I can't log in with my old one because the password was rejected and the Twitter help desk hasn't responded to any of my inquiries. So now I'm @AHMShadowKnives. And since I can now log in again, I'll even (maybe) be more active than just the auto-push notifications that get sent from this site when I publish a new post! 


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