Characters Revealed! (Whether They Want To Be or Not)

I write my books the long way (is there really a short way to write a novel?) - the first draft is always written by hand, with pen and notebook. There are lots of unintelligible scribblings, crossed-out sections, and notes in the margins. Eventually, in pieces, it gets typed up, either when my characters are rioting (more commonly referred to as "writer's block"), or when my brain is too tired to form coherent sentences anymore.Consequently, it takes a really long time before anyone other than myself gets a chance to meet some of the other people running around inside my head. And I feel that does them some injustice - they show me some pretty fantastic things (and may also drive me a little insane at times...) - so I figure other people should get to meet them/have to suffer too. Some of them might take a while to talk; they're a bit on the shy side. But now they've been warned and won't hide behind the main characters when I drag them out here. They might be kicking and screaming, but you can't have everything. Here's a quick intro for some of the characters in my first book, Even Unto Death (I'm not published yet, but that's the current working title): Kallizar - Honored Sorcerer of Fyan Fawlen - King of Fyan Hirom - Crown Prince of Fyan (Fawlen's son) Mikael - Prince, and Commander General of the Fyanish military (Fawlen's brother) Mahliz - Court Sorcerer of Fyan Cade, Jarrin, and Li'ra - Kallizar's servants Lords Rahn and Gharot - Emissaries from Lubek and Patal, respectively