After a Magic Explosion, Nothing Is Ever Quite the Same

The Rift: the separation of Varaeti and Fyan. The explosion, and the earthquake that followed, sent tremors through the earth that not only reshaped the countries but also much of the orders of the world. The world calendar shifted. Before the Rift, different geographical areas had used their own calendar systems. The explosion of the Rift was so intense that remnants of it could be felt throughout the greater part of the world. The newly formed countries of Varaeti and Fyan used the Rift as a reference point for everything, and the other countries soon adopted this to avoid confusion. The months are still based on the cycles of the moons, but the yearly count reflects the years After the Rift.

The geography of Varaeti and Fyan shifted drastically as well, forcing co-dependence on two countries who would otherwise happily destroy each other.

Varaeti is, overall, a very green country with lots of good farmland and rich forests. The two mountain ranges to the far north and south of the island are relatively small and do not hold any significant natural resources. Smaller farm animals thrive in Varaeti, along with forest wildlife such as deer. There is not enough clear land to successfully raise larger animals, so meats like beef must be imported.

Fyan is much drier. Mostly flatlands, Fyan's domestic-grown food is mostly grazing animals. Fruits, vegetables, and other crops must be imported. The mountains are much taller and more dangerous than their Vaerish counterparts, and are also the source of many different resources including marble and iron. The one forest area, just northeast of Xuun, is dense and lush. The two biggest rivers in Fyan run through this area, making the forest a valuable natural habitat for wildlife. Hunting is strictly prohibited; however, with a royal permit, people may attempt to capture and breed animals to save them from extinction.

Pirate activity has skyrocketed. With the isles scattered throughout the northern Fisian Sea, the pirates now have a safe base for the first time. Since Varaeti and Fyan still trade with each other out of necessity, pirates have plenty of options. Some pirates play the political game, choosing to help one country over another or one merchant House over others - a dangerous game, especially with the Houses. The Houses are what keep trade alive between the two countries- not out of any patriotism, but out of an almost insane sense of competition and House loyalty.