Reason for Delay: Murder in Mesino!

After nearly two weeks of silence, local city guards and investigators have finally disclosed the reason for all the secrecy surrounding the city of Mesino, Fyan: Murder. "We wanted to keep it quiet so there would not be a riot," says local guard Sergeant Hannoth. "There were too many details we hadn't - still haven't - figured out."

Sergeant Hannoth went on to say that the guards pulled in all investigative students and writers right away to help examine the scene. It seems that there has been no luck determining the culprit behind this heinous act, and that the only person currently connected to the scene is the victim: a long-time Mesino resident, Tyron, son of Val and Irine.

The last person to see Tyron alive was his friend Amari, daughter of Garon and Pira'a. The two of them were at Takik's Tavern to have a drink to the health of the Honored Sorcerer Kallizar in honor of her birthday. Amari claims she and Tyron left the tavern together and then went their separate ways home. Tyron never acted oddly or gave any indication that he was being followed or threatened. "He was hoping the Honored Sorcerer might pay a visit to Mesino soon and he hadn't seen her in a long while," Amari told the Sergeant.

After a long discussion (including the fact that the people of Mesino, and all of Fyan, deserve to know the reason behind the sudden silence in the writing coverage of world events) we here at the University of Exploration and Investigation have managed to gain a copy of the events that happened just prior to Tyron's death. We present it to you so that you may know the facts, and remind everyone that the criminal is still at large. Be careful and take no risks. If you suspect anything or have any insight, you are urged to talk to your local city guard at once.



Tyron drummed his fingers on the tabletop idly. “Guessing she’s not coming back anytime soon after all,” he said.

His friend, Amari, laughed. “Who, the barmaid? We just sent her off. ‘Course she won’t come ‘round again for a bit.”

The man flicked his fingers at her. “No, not her,” he said impatiently. “The Honored Sorcerer. Same as what I was just talking about.”

Amari snorted. “What? Why in the Gods’ names would she come back to a two-bit tavern like this one? I think you’ve had enough of that.” She reached for her friend’s mug.

Tyron slid his drink out of her reach. “Hey now,” he protested, “this isn’t the drink talking. I’m thinking you’ve had enough, if you can’t even remember our Sorcerer.”

Amari took a swallow of her own ale. “What’s to remember?” she asked, not unpleasantly. “That Sorcerer hasn’t been to Mesino since I can remember.”

Tyron sighed. “Ah, right, I forget you’re that much younger sometimes. But you know the stories! Kallizar, the Honored Sorcerer – the pride and joy of Mesino. She lived here until the late King Tijak called her to Xuun.”

“And that was forever ago, and she hasn’t been back since.” Amari sideswiped the conversation. “Bet she’s never looked back.”

Tyron almost looked hurt. “Mesino is her home,” he stated. “Kallizar may not have been able to come back yet, but she will. She still sends letters to the families what helped raise her, years and years ago, you know.”

“Really?” Amari’s eyes showed something, but whether it was interest or disbelief, Tyron couldn’t tell. “I thought that was decades ago.”

Tyron nodded. “It was – although only a few since she left for the Palace.”

Amari couldn’t resist. “So, how do you know she still keeps in touch? I don’t suppose you have one of those letters.”

Tyron laughed. “No. My family was down the street from her place, though. My parents got to know her pretty good. But Jeshin here’s got one of the letters.”

“Jeshin? Isn’t his family all firefighters?” Amari asked.

“Yes indeed. Important thing to have nearby an untrained Sorcerer with uncontrolled magic. Jeshin’s family put out more than a few accidental fires our Sorcerer set.” He chuckled.

Amari gave up on the indifference. “I wish I could have met her.”

Tyron punched her lightly in the arm. “She’s not dead, fool,” he reminded the girl, “just busy at the High Court. In fact, I was talking about her because her birthday’s coming up tomorrow. She’ll come ‘round when she can, I’m sure. She always said she loved Mesino.”

Amari smiled and raised her mug. “To Kallizar, our Honored Sorcerer, then,” she said.

Tyron grinned. “I’ll drink to that.”