Jasper and Hime Mini-Feature

The previous post, Kitten and Mousie, mentioned my two cats - Jasper and Hime. I thought it might be nice if I gave them a little introduction, now that they're famous (and not related to any of the famous lolcats).

Jasper is the bigger one. He's about four years old, I think, and loves to play with people's toes (especially when they are wiggling under a blanket). His favorite cat toy is a fuzzy beetle stuffed with catnip. He also loves catnip in general and will lay on it whenever we sprinkle some on the scratch-pad for him.

Hime is just over one year old. Her name means "princess" in Japanese and is pronounced "HE-may". She is convinced that the walls are merely sideways floors and is constantly attempting to shift gravity to walk on them (so far no luck). Hobbies include hiding chapstick, pouncing on speakerphone-enabled cell phones, sleeping on ankles, and playing with big sparkly balls.

Both cats remind my husband and me constantly that we live here because of their good natures, and that we are only here to serve... and to sleep on. And for cuddles. And for the purchasing of new toys such as the beanbag. And for assistance in wall exploration.