Writing Doesn't Happen Overnight...

...We call that dreaming. Writing happens a little at a time, day after day. The story gets built up slowly - first the bare bones and then the flesh and blood to make it whole. It's kind of like a cross-stitch or needlework project: if you work on it every day, it will get closer and closer to completion, even though a single day's addition might not seem very noticeable or important at the time.

As I've said in some of my previous posts, I'm neck-deep in revisions for Even Unto Death, and it is rough going. It seems like I have had to chop out most of the first third of the story and put in new, better pieces. And the further through the story I get, the more I find that doesn't match up with something else in the story - the timeline is off, a character appears somewhere they can't or shouldn't be, etc.

The good news from all this? My story will be much better for all the work I'm putting into it after I've dumped the rough draft down on paper. It's a lesson in patience and a test of determination for myself, to see if I can follow the rule I mentioned in this post about writing every day, no matter how tedious it might seem. And, best of all, I'm doing this for myself - because I want to be a better writer, because I want to have a story that's worthwhile to share. (And the motivation and encouragement I get from people isn't bad, either. :) )

The bad news? Well, not bad exactly, but... Obviously, I haven't posted any new stories here for a bit. I had to choose between proofing my book or writing clips for my posts, and the book has to come first. The new pieces I'm writing for the book wouldn't be good to post here, and I have a pretty tired brain once I'm done editing for the day.

But don't despair! I still have characters and story bits that will make it here. It just might take an extra day or three, depending on where I am with my proofing.

As always, thanks for your interest in and support of my writing. And as for EUD, I hope you are all as excited as I am to see the finished product. :)