Alec to Meet a Human?

Don't know who Alec is? Check out this post for an intro, and this one for more!  

Trust. Reliance. To Vampyra, these were weaknesses to be exploited. Brian's trust, the aid of his friends, were only things to be used to protect myself.

It never once occurred to me that one day I might learn to trust... and that I might desperately need it.


I have lost count of all the nights the Wolf has accompanied me on my hunts - never killing, but never foolish enough to hold me back. Every once in a great while, he comments about the necessity of killing my prey, wishing I would just let them go when I am through, but he has (most wisely) not pressed the issue - and my patience. His comments usually falter when the moon's light glints off my blood-soaked fangs. And if they do not, I draw out the kill, watching with glee how my prey's cries torment him.

His vampire friend has been coming along as well. I am highly amused by her - she is so close to me, a cousin through the vampire blood link, and yet she is so very different. Even her view of this world does not match up with mine as I had expected. Indeed, it almost seems to match the Wolf's.

But I have proven to them my strength in a fight. I have saved the Wolf from the killing stroke of a Hunter, and pulled the vampire inside before the rising sun could burn her to ash. I have always taken up watch over my allies' battles, because without such contribution there is no alliance and no guarantee that they will remain favorable towards me. And when all else has failed, I can use those allies to slow down any Hunter on my trail.

Vampyra are cold and cruel, and we know how to survive.

Tonight, I finally meet the last member of their little band... the human. Apparently the Wolf has decided I can - in strong company - behave well enough not to kill the boy on sight.

This sounds like a challenge to me... and the Bloodlust is rising.