Sacred Text from the Book of the Gods

A clipping from the beginning of the Book of the Gods, a book which contains all manner of information, lessons, and scripture from the gods  featured in The Immortal Flames. "And from the Void did come two gods to watch and rule over the world. She of great and terrible beauty holds dominion over all that is wrath and is called Lillith. He of gentle and dangerous mind holds dominion over all that is mercy and is called Ri'hannon. Together they came because of their eternal and powerful love for each other, and together they share in worship and majesty from the people.

"And together they did create the After so as to be their domain from which they can watch the passing of events in the world, and to which they grant rest or bestow punishment upon the mortal souls who arrive at the entrance upon the mortal's death. Those who have pleased the gods may enter the peace of the After, while those souls who have earned the anger of both gods are doomed to suffer in torment until the gods come to an agreement to release that soul from the agonizing pit of the After's darkness.Take heed, mortal man, then, that no one find himself in the anger of the gods, lest his soul be thrown into the After's darkness!

"Thus it is said and thus it is so."