Meet KetKet

Background info on the character I play during my weekly Pathfinder gaming session - KetKet, the gnome sorceress. KetKet was born into a group of traveling craftsmen who showed and sold their inventions. Her mother was one of the top inventors (and specialized in braids and weaving) and was annoyed at having to pause her work to have a child. She named her daughter Soti, which means, “Cloud-hidden sun.” She intended it to mean Soti was the clouds hiding the sun, but Soti immediately decided that she would be the sun that would someday shine through the clouds.

At first, Soti tried to follow in her mother’s footsteps, learning basic weaving and cloth crafts. The watching annoyed her mother, which Soti quickly noticed. It started out as something to do and grew into purposeful teasing – waiting until her mother was deeply involved in something and then blatantly interrupting her. When her mother began shooing her off to other members of the caravan, Soti started up again, this time with whomever she happened to be watching at the time. She picked up a lot of basic crafting ideas and made friends with several of the other gnomes in the group, who took her teasing as a game, rather than harassment. They nicknamed her Teez.

At the same time, Soti realized she was one of those in whom the ancient fey bloodlines had manifested itself. The storyteller in the caravan had recognized the concentration of fey blood right away and told Soti that she could become a powerful mage, if she could identify which bloodline ran most dominantly in her blood. Soti asked her mother, and, after a lot of discussion and tangential stories, revealed that Soti has the Protean Bloodline – which explains why Soti always felt confined within the caravan and often switched her focus in the middle of a task. Because of this chaotic blood, Soti gave herself the name Zin, which roughly means “free” or “unbound”.

Zin began to feel restless in the caravan and looked for a place to leave and start the next part of her life. When they reached the city (when Zin was about 43), Zin became fascinated by the local characters – all different races, languages, and professions living together. Zin had already learned bits and pieces of several languages from travelling, but she saw here an opportunity to learn even more. Of special interest was a young elf named Sabel who was learning the flashy art of Alchemy. Zin bid farewell to the caravan and took up residence in the city. She often hung around with Sabel. At first he treated her with kind indifference, but Zin was determined to turn the lonely-looking elf into a friend.

Not long after, Zin could control simple spells. Her favorite one was her Prestidigitation spell which she often used to change the color of either her hair or eyes. The town started calling her Flare because of the bright color changes. Now that she was sure she would be able to master magic, she chose a new name for herself, one that sounded more fitting for a Sorcerer: KetKet.