During Downtime...

Now that I've finished the latest revision of EUD, I'm letting it simmer for a little bit before I attack it again (and also letting my proofers take a crack at it). But since I tend to turn into a crazy person when I go too long without writing, I'm using this opportunity to put some good work into a few of my other stories that have been sitting on the sidelines for a long while. Alec will be getting at least a few more pieces; Jon (who hasn't been seen here yet, but might, if I get something I really like - the story is a different vampire story); and the latest project (which has no name) is a complete overhaul of a story I wrote back in high school that was a LOT of character development, and nothing else. It pretended to have plot but really, there wasn't much. But I'm ripping the characters out of that story and giving them an actual setting and plot - and I'm actually very excited about how it's coming along. There's only a few pages so far, but they're already better than 95% of the old stuff. Check back to see some new clips, and to see the second installment of Flailing Chaos!

In other news, I've been really busy with a lot of other cool stuff that I put on hold to finish EUD editing, so I'm also really enjoying that. Some goodies include Supernatural, Guild Wars (which I still love, but will be switching over to Guild Wars 2 for a while when it's released in a few days), various anime, various manga, Xbox gaming, and reading the latest Mercy Thompson novel, River Marked. So if you're looking for something to do, here's a starter list.