Flailing Chaos: 01/13/2012

Adventures of Flailing Chaos, part 2...  

They head toward the two guilds. T and K go to Winter's guild, are met by a monster of a human gatekeep. Get turned away when sidestepped conversation and sweet-talking fail. Return to the tavern and K learns a new drinking song from T (yay!). S and A head to Order of the Lost Truths (run by Artemis). A tries to lie her way in past an old elf wizard, but he's on to her. A gets huffy and shoves his way into the room, but then doesn't know what to do and stands around awkwardly while S and elf chat in elven, find out Winter's behind the note. A asks about ancient artifacts the wizard might have encountered during his membership in the guild, but no luck there (she's looking for clues about her past, dreams, etc.). They do learn that Winter loves pranks, hence the note's request to steal documents from the guards. At the tavern, A joins in the singing and makes S cry because they are so off-key. Doesn't take much before all four agree that stealing the documents will be good - and fun.

The Plan: They doll up T- braided beard-over with beads in it, new spiked mohawks with shinies/beads, and a glowing enchantment on his tattoo. A takes the axe and shield to prevent death. T marches into the tavern with A just behind, and fighting is immediate. Much crotch-punching ensues - apparently, it's A's new-found talent. Also, T rescues a mop (apparently it's Teresa, his wife). Off-duty guard eventually arrests A and T when they beat the crap out of an old elf - the poor man's crotch will never overcome the trauma... A and T are jailed.

S and K doll up S, stake out the jail. When A and T are locked up, S tosses a burning stick and some leaves, etc into the cell.

The Jailbreak: Fire in the cell! And the unlucky (and slightly drunken) cellmate gets Maddened by A and starts screaming. Guard comes to investigate. There's a fight with the guard when the door is opened, and Ninja Dwarf T sneaks through unnoticed. Who knew? A tries to follow, fails, so just pushes past. It worked at the guild, so why not now? T goes to the storage room, tries to barricade the doors (but fails, since the doors swing the other way...) and rips a drawer full of documents out of the desk. A is finally able to join b/c the guard decides to put out the fire and try to help the screaming, head-bashing-into-wall guy.

The Distraction: Guard heads for storage room after A and T. K runs into the jail doorway, screaming for help. "There are people trying to mug me! Please help!" Distracts the guard while S helps A and T escape - T hands the whole drawer over to S to take, but S only looks for the document they need. Instead, he finds only another note on the same shiny paper, so takes that. T takes the whole drawer with him anyway because he wants it for no reason he can fathom. As soon as the guard heads out to look for the phantom muggers, K joins the group and they run away, back to A's place to read the note.

The File and Winter: Note is very pretty, says, "Meet me at The Boozy Cow." Also, there is gold in the envelope - money! Everyone is in. Winter is at the tavern, very happy to see them. Laughs at the awesome success to steal the documents. Buys everyone a round and tells them to come by the guild tomorrow. Also laughs at K and T for coming by earlier and not saying they'd been contacted. But the jailbreak was totally worth it. Group heads to A's - K reads through some of the files, which A and T then burn because fire is pretty. S and K head home.

The Job: Next morning, they meet up at Winter's guild, ready to go. Winter introduces them to the others, all super friendly. Nice place, very diverse crowd. K chats with a gnome named Pai about caravans and "home". A sits at the top of the stairs and finds the guild housing, and attracts a creeper. Then has a nice chat with an elf - much better. People know who they are because of the awesome jail stunt. The group learns their job and Winter's rule: Excavate the city ruins. If they find something, they can use it while in the city  but they have to show it to the scholars when they get back. Payment, of course, for jobs. Some now to get going, and more based on success of jobs. In short, Gold FTW. He gives them a location to go re-claim from the nasties and wishes them luck.

And They're Off: Oh, look, a giant sinkhole with a city in it. Or really, the city ruins. Big river, bigger waterfall. T, don't fall in, you can't swim. They're headed down the steps, get attacked by two giant eagles - too close to the nests, maybe? Ray of Frost, crossbows take them down after they score a hit on T and piss him off a bit. Win.


Random tidbit of knowledge: the others discover S can't speak Dwarven, so they have fun talking about him while he can't understand. S terms this "the language of the midget" since everyone else is so much shorter than he is.