Show and Tell

"They're more like guidelines, anyway."    --Pirates of the Caribbean


Rules for writing. They're useful, they're good, and on occasion, they're best when broken. One that I particularly love to break (sometimes by bringing that phrase crashing down around someone's ears, giggling madly in time with the fragile little pieces hitting the floor) is "Show, don't tell." And really, I love to break it so much because I hear it everywhere, without the slightest bit of context, which makes me wonder whether the people saying it are, in fact, informed and trying to help, or whether they just have heard the bit-quote before and feel the need to put in their two words' worth.

In lieu of me regurgitating someone else's words here, I'm instead going to point to a blog written by a long-time favorite author of mine, Patricia C. Wrede, where she clears up a lot of issues with the over-quoted writing rule. She has my gratitude. :)

Please enjoy - and remember, if you hear crazy laughter, cover your head.