New Name, New Face, More Great Stuff!

Really quick update - I promise to have a follow-up with more details, but I wanted to let you all know now. I have begun the transition over to my new blog site, AlexisHMasters. All my writing posts are already over there, along with all the comments you've left me about them. :) The plan is to use my new site as a writing/reading hub and build up my writer name. Look there to find more information specific to my writing and reading recommendations, upcoming schedules for any events I might be attending, etc.

Realmwalkerwriting (this site) will still be where I post all of my random character sketches, as well as whatever else comes to mind. I want this to be a bit less structured than the new official site - a place to have a bit of fun. I definitely plan to continue supporting it and posting new content to both sites once I get the last of the kinks worked out on the new site.

It would be awesome to see your support also over on the new site!