Alexis H. Masters Alive at Last!

Last post I mentioned transitioning the majority of my writing-focused posts over to my new website, Alexis H. Masters. It's very cool and you should definitely check it out if you liked anything here. But what I didn't really mention was why I'm switching sites (or, more accurately, adding that site and changing this one). Once again, it goes back to the submission requirements from the beginning of the month. One of the fields asked me for my name; the next asked me for my preferred author name. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to decide whether I wanted to use a pseudonym - and if so, what it might be. Eventually, after a long discussion with my sister (who is amazing :) ), I opted for pseudonym. And, once that was for sure, I pulled up a list of names that I have always liked but haven't found a character to fit them. It was a short list, and Alexis Masters was at the top. Since she will be much more Google-able than my given name (which I love, but is extremely common), she won top choice. I also decided to include the middle initial "H" for two reasons: 1. I love middle names and would be sad without one (yes, it does stand for something) and 2. adding the "H" gave me a unique domain name for my site which at the date of posting this is the #1 hit on Google for my new name. And that's pretty sweet.

Things you can expect to change:

RealmwalkerWriting will shift into a more casual blog style. I'm not sure exactly what I want to keep here vs. post exclusively at the AH Masters blog, but I expect to have more spontaneous, not necessarily writing-focused posts here. I want it to be fluid and fun.

AH Masters will become the main hub for all my writing, with a focus on things on the road to publication and/or important announcements from/about me as an author (for example, upcoming writing conventions I may be attending or the latest news that's relevant to new or aspiring authors). AHM will also pick up the random writing sketches that used to be posted here, so if you're interested in following more on characters like Alec, Akitis, KetKet, etc., AHM is the place to go. (Unsurprisingly, anything related to Kallizar will also be up on AHM, so all of those characters and any teasers I decide to throw out there will be over on AHM.)

You can also follow me on Twitter: AlexisHMasters

My hope is the AHM site will be useful and fun for anyone who is a fan of my writing (or of me, if that randomly happens)- that there's a central place where I can share the latest goings-on in my writing life and have a community of people who read and discuss and meet up there. High hopes, maybe, but it's a start. :)

Ok, I think that covers it. Go check out AHM and sign up to follow it to get sneak peaks and tasty tidbits of Kallizar's story that aren't out for publication (and won't be posted anywhere else!). Also feel free to answer the latest poll and leave your comments (there's no beep, but you can imagine one when you answer the poll question). :)

-Alexis H. Masters