Holy Cow I Survived

No, I'm not talking about Winter Storm Draco - although that's still going on and I can't really get out of my place right now. I have officially made it to my end-of-year vacation! Just in time, too, because my dining table is literally covered in stacks of books I want to catch up on. And there's all the writing I want to get done, now that I've lived through the last big work deadline of the year and have some time to let my brain relax... and all the cooking I need to do (ok, cooking Hubby needs to do, that I need to taste-test) and snacks to be made (and promptly eaten) and movies to see and presents to shake to determine the contents and pets to play with and games to play and puzzles to solve and waitasecondwheredidmyvacationgo? I suppose I had better re-think my no-sleep strategy if I want to be able to get any of those things done. Hmm. And seeing as it's after midnight now, I should probably stop this post before it gains a life of its own and tries to devour my life. (Hey, writing does that sometimes. Don't look at me like that.)

In other news, Head over to AHM for a quickie review of what may be one of my new favorite authors (spoiler alert: it's not even fantasy fiction!).