An Eating Order

I love food. For anyone who knows me personally, this may be the most "DUH" statement they have ever read, but it is relevant, I promise. I am a bit of a picky eater. Some of that is preference - for example, I'm fussy about the texture of the foods I eat (or, more accurately, I'm very specific about what textures I will not eat). Lima beans, peas, and anything else that has a similar dry, mushy taste all goes into the NO pile. Some pickiness comes from food allergies - being allergic to things that are found in just about any kind of cheap candy, gum, snack mix, ice cream, etc. is pretty sucky.

I am also a thin person. For anyone who knows me personally, this may be the second most "DUH" statement they have ever read. Again, still relevant.

I'm very used to reading the ingredients labels on anything before I eat it, because I have had too many bad experiences with food allergies sneaking up on me to leave it to chance. But I've noticed that more and more, people seem to think I read the ingredients (and nutrition info) because I am thin and therefore must count every tiny morsel I consume. There's been more than a few judgmental looks when a package of storebought cookies gets passed around and I check the label before deciding not to take anything. Clearly, my refusal is a judgment passed on all the people who did take a cookie.

Truth is, I love cookies. I love snacks, and candy, and healthy food too. I eat things I don't like because I need the nutrients (like the bananas I eat every morning, even though I hate the texture) and I eat things I do like because, well, I like them. And sometimes also because I'm hungry. (Mind-blowing, I know.) But I need to make sure I'm not blindly eating food I'm allergic to, and most of the time it's just easier to pass on the tasty-looking desserts than it is to chance getting sick.

There's no soapbox here, or angry rant. Just a note to everyone to say, "Hey, if you have a friend who happens to like food, and who also happens to not eat food sometimes even if she likes it, that's ok. Chances are, there's a good reason." I would say that there's even a possibility that she's not hungry, but for anyone who knows me personally, that may be the biggest "INCONCEIVABLE!" statement they have ever read. :)

I'm off now - I think I hear chocolate chip pancakes calling my name.