An Impossible Task...

...but I think I'm up for the challenge. What my brain said to me:

- read 365 books by midnight, Dec. 31. Bonus points if they are all first-time-reads.

- since you're now hooked on Goodreads and have always enjoyed reviews, write a review for every one of those books you just read.

- Keep your day job, or you can't buy new books or pay for the Internet. And other things like food.

- Keep writing - just because you're tripling the amount of books you read in a typical year does not give you the right to slack off! And also, I'm on to you. You feel shame for not posting regularly so you dig through your archives for things you like. Fix that by writing new stuff you want to share. Honestly, why must I have to tell you this?

- Speaking of which, start using that list of literary agents you have and get submitting. Your book won't publish itself. (Yes I know there's a thing called self-publishing, but that still requires you to do work. The book doesn't actually do anything.)

- Sleep is for the weak.


My answer to all this?


Oh, and... I am totally weak, because I adore sleep. Seriously. In fact, I'm writing this on my laptop as I lie in bed right now, and I'm envious of my hubby because he's doing the peaceful-sleep-breathe thing right now. Must mean it's time to sail away to Hushabye Mountain. (One hundred points to anyone who knows that reference.)