Feast to Follow Famine

Please don't look at the date of my last post. I may have to hide. I made up for it though, honest! I give you... The Great Smorgasbord of March 2013.

Smorgasbord is such an awesome word.


Additional things not in AHM post: - Has anyone tried the latest version of Microsoft Office (2013)? I have it installed on my laptop right now and man, did it throw me. Some good, some bad, and a lot of WTF were they thinking? The most annoying thing to me is how all the tabs across the top are in ALL CAPS. Because we haven't already established that all caps is extremely annoying and no one likes being yelled at all the time...

- I recently got my first smart phone. I'm pretty sure I will never be productive again. But I can listen to Pandora and goof around on GoodReads, so it's all good... right?

- I carpool to work. Usually it's no big deal, since my ride lives in the apartment complex next to mine, so I just walk over the hill to her car. Since we got hit by snow storm Saturn, I now have about a foot of snow to contend with. (sidenote: I accidentally typed "snow" as "snot" for a second. So glad I don't have a foot of snot to wade through...) I quickly learned that this made for a cold, wet, and painful experience. Luckily, my friend is kind enough to drive over to my place to pick me up. I want to install a rope-tow and a sled, like the ones at snow tubing or ski hills. That may be an awesome way to start the day.

- Speaking of sledding, did you know it's very difficult to sled in a trenchcoat? Yep.

- I'm sitting next to two big piles of library books right now, one of which I'm about halfway done with. I'm pretty sure I can hear it calling to me, so I'm signing off to go finish that up. :)