Kindles, And Other Things

I finally caved and bought an e-reader. Kindle, because I'm already addicted to Amazon for a number of other things, and Paperwhite because I liked it better than all the other non-tablet options. I've had it for about three weeks now and I like it - but I had to swap my book list over to List view instead of Cover view because I was sad that everything has to be in black and white. I logged on to Amazon yesterday and saw an announcement for an all-new Kindle Paperwhite coming at the end of the month. Of course there would be- I just finally joined the e-reader masses. But I'm not missing out on anything essential, so that's a consolation.

One thing that they did announce for Kindle that I am very excited about is a "Coming Soon" integration with GoodReads. I sincerely hope that this integration will be available for all Kindle types, and not just for the latest models, because I love GoodReads, use it more than I should probably admit, and will not be upgrading my Kindle a mere six weeks after purchasing my original. So, we shall see.

In semi-related news, I am looking for bad books. I began this little endeavor while scanning through the free Kindle books and finding books so bad I couldn't stand to read more than a few pages. At first I was actually looking for good books to read and just finding all the ones that never had seen an editor or reviewer of any kind, but then , after a few particularly bad ones, I started seeking them out. I plan to sprinkle their special badness in with the other books I read - my hope is that they will be so bad they will be funny (which has happened on occasion) as opposed to so bad it tries to melt my brain. As a bonus, they will automatically give the other books I read a better light!

This whole thing got started when a friend and I were chatting and she told me about the worst book she had ever read, no competition. It was a delightfully entertaining discussion that ended with, "Seriously, it's the worst thing I've ever seen. Nothing happens. Ever. My brain almost died. Hey, you should read it!"

And for reasons still unknown to me, I let her talk me into it. I sat down and read it. And she was not kidding. I was prepared to be lenient, thinking it was an amateur writer, maybe just publishing an ebook as a trial run or for fun.

So wrong. Apparently this book is also available in paperback and is touted by some (I have no clue who) as the magical book that will keep kids off drugs for good. The reason for this still mystifies me, as the entire book is, in fact, an argument for becoming a drug dealer so that you can retire as a multimillionaire at the ripe old age of thirty-something.


So after forcing myself to read that mess, I have become determined to find a book worse than that. Specifically, books that have no discernible plot, or are so poorly written, or some other nearly-objective thing that makes it bad. (I'm not just going to pick a bunch of books in a genre I don't enjoy and rip them all apart. I can appreciate good writing and good storytelling, even if I don't personally enjoy the story being told.)

If anyone is interested in adding to my Bad Book Library, leave a comment with the worst book you've ever read and why it's bad. You don't need to go into full spoiler-review mode- just something like "the characters are all so dumb that they forgot to finish the story" or "I literally could not read this because the grammar/spelling/etc. was so terrible."

I am looking forward to writing humorous reviews about the worst books ever. I hope you enjoy the badness in all its glory. :)